18-Year-Old Girl Sells Her Virginity In Online Auction To Help Pay For A Car

Speaking on This Morning before the sale, she told the shocked presenters that she had spoken to the businessman who eventually paid for her and that he was “very friendly.” She also stated that a representative from Cinderella Escorts would be present when the deed was to be done.

kim very friendly

Meanwhile, Kim awaits for her buyer to reach out and offer her a deal that she cannot refuse. We hope that it isn’t a decision she lives to regret, like many of the phases we went through as teenagers!

Losing your virginity is an awkward experience, no matter who it is with. Comedian and actress, Amy Schumer, knows this only too well. Listen to her discuss her first time, it is not quite as Hollywood glam as you’d think…

Src: http://www.viralthread.com/18-year-old-girl-sells-her-virginity-online-to-help-pay-for-a-car/


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