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20 Past And Present Pics That Will Make You Miss The Good Old Days.


It’s incredible how photos from the past can stir up long forgotten memories. It’s actually a lot of fun to look back and see how certain things used to be. But it’s
even more fun when you compare them to photos of how things were with the way things are now. So here are a couple of images from the past that we trawled
through to reminisce. In some cases, it’s brought the owners of these photos a sense of nostalgia, in others, it’s reminded them of a terrible time and how time can
help to rebuild. In some cases, it even serves as a testament to a love that can never die. So, get ready to take a trip through this rich collection of past and present.

This family attempted to recreate their 1970s photo during a family reunion.


It looks like a lot of fun, and you can clearly see that the young ones have gotten a little older and so have the grown-ups, but there’s one thing that seems ageless and that’s their bond for each other.

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