4 Luxury Gifts For A High-Profile Partner

4 Luxury Gifts For A High-Profile Partner

Buying a memorable present can be difficult at the best of times, but when that person is a high flying professional the pressure to treat them with something suitably unique can be immense. As a result, we’ve created a list of four gift ideas that would impress even the most exacting of loved ones.

1. Cartier Ballon Bleu

Cartier Ballon BleuThere aren’t many gifts better suited to the discriminating partner than a luxury wristwatch, and if you’re going for extravagance then nothing beats the allure of a Cartier watch. The deliciously indulgent “Ballon Bleu” above comes in versions for both men and women in 18 carat gold and Swiss-made internal parts. This makes an ideal luxury gift because not only will they think of you whenever check the time, but its commanding presence will be noticed by their colleagues and clients wherever they go.

2. iPhone

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Without doubt a smartphone will be on most business people’s wishlists, not only is it an essential tool for keeping on top of emails and communications, but it can make hours of commuting a far more productive experience. A big plus with Apple’s iPhone is that they will make the entire setup incredibly simple so that your partner can get started with no fuss and spend time focussing on which apps to get!

3. Luxury Executive Chair

Luxury Executive ChairOn average, most executives spend at least as much time at their desks as they do sleeping. With this startling fact in mind, it makes sense to ensure your partner is spending this time as comfortably as possible. This impressive luxury chair isn’t just a dominatingly comfortable chair, it’s a serious statement in any study or office.

4. Mulberry iPad Cover

Mulberry iPad CoverIf your partner has an Apple iPad then look no further than Mulberry’s luxury leather case which radiates class and sophistication whilst providing a practical and comfortable texture. Complete with a smooth suede lining and adjustable leather fastenings, this indulgent casing doubles up as a stand for a more relaxing working life.

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