How To Create A Perfect Blog Post

How To Create A Perfect Blog Post

Want to learn how to write the perfect blog post? Of course you do!

I’m going to show you some key points that are very useful to make a perfect blog. You will be able to make a perfect blog after knowing all the points. So, without wasting time let’s know about the points.

Generate Your Idea

Idea should be distinctive in the market.

The Perfect Headline

Headline is the very first important part of a blog. You have to select a perfect Headline. Before you even write anything, you need to pick a topic for your blog post. The topic can be pretty general to start with.

  • Address problem in the headline using fear, scarcity or intrigue/questions.
  • Keep under 65 characters long.
  • Ensure SEO key phrase is in title.

Perfect Intro Paragraph

First line of post should re-address your problem, headline and key phrase. Rest of introduction aimed at drawing eye down towards main points.

Tell people what you are going to do with the rest of the post, what they will learn etc.

List out the main points

Rattle out your main points of the blog post so you can see the shape of the article and what you are gong to be covering. This helps to avoid double ups and omission.

Open up tabs

At this point i open up dozens of tabs relating to research, competition and topics that I want to cover. I then link to them as I go and if I get stuck I re-read information and try to improve on it.

Content Base

Write a base of 2,000 to 2,500 words.

Add bonus material

At this point I’ll add extra paragraphs, tips, quotes, videos, photos, click to tweets, reference etc. In order to take the main content to the next level. This might take the article up another 1,500 to 2,500 words.

Don’t finish topic/pose question

Don’t quite complete the topic. Leave room for discussion.

Pose a question at the end of the article to encourage discussion.

Select main photo

You can add a real time photo about your blog post.

Publish at a peak time

Do a quick read over for spelling and formatting but don’t wast too much time. Hit publish at a pic time.

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