Different considerations for selecting a lawyer for a serious injury or wrongful death case

In this article I will discuss different considerations for selecting a lawyer for a serious injury or wrongful death case like an Iowa Wrongful Death Lawyer for example:

My office is in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota area, but I am a licensed trial lawyer in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Why should a family hire me as opposed to a lawyer closer to them?

The first question is where will the attorney meet you? I will come to you—wherever you are. I do not expect you to come to my office—I come to you. Most lawyers want you to come to their office.

The second question is how will we communicate as compared to a lawyer whose office is 20 miles away? I return telephone calls within 30 minutes unless I am in court or helping another client. When you call, I will discuss your case with you—I do not transfer your case to a different attorney or a law clerk or a paralegal. I take pride in customer service; thus, I will communicate with you more than an attorney who is closer to you.

The third question is should I hire you or a large, local law firm? Unfortunately, often in large personal injury law firms, once a client hires the firm, the experienced lawyers do not handle the case until the late stages of a case. Rather, the law firm has lawyers without experience and paralegals handle the case so that the senior partners can work on bigger cases. In my office, I handle your case from the beginning to the end. I take pride in personal service, and I limit the number of cases that I take so that I can know my clients and work as hard as I can on their case.

Lastly, does a local lawyer have the experience to aggressively represent you in your case? I have been a trial lawyer for more than 23 years, and I have tried 43 cases to juries all over the US. I have the experience to go “toe to toe” with the experienced lawyers that the insurance companies will hire.

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