Droid / IPhone Exchange Server Setup

It’s important to NOT be connected to any internal GCBE wireless network prior to performing this procedure.

Droid set up

  • Email address: User your full email address *****@mygcbe.com Notice: Do not use “glynn.k12.ga.us” for ANY of these settings. I know it’s odd but to ensure it works you must enter it this way.
  • Password: Domain Password
  • Domain: GCBE
  • Username: domain username (Usually your 5-digit PIN).
  • Password: domain password
  • Exchange server: mail.mygcbe.com
  • Use secure connection (SSL): check the check box
  • Accept all SSL Certificates: check the check box

Account options

  • Leave the page default and click next

Set up Email

  • Leave default and click done

Activate Device Administrator

  • Click Activate

Sync and Connect

  • Click done

As a note, enabling ActiveSync (email on a phone) allows for the device to be wiped or password protected if it is stolen. If a personal device is stolen, then the user must report that to us ASAP in order to secure any potentially confidential data.

Iphone Setup

Setting Up a Connection to an Exchange Server Manually

As much as others find it easier to use configuration profiles to Exchange ActiveSync, their will be others who prefer to set things up through their iPhone. Now let’s try to quickly go through the steps on how to manually setup Exchange Server through your iPhone.

Step One : Launch Settings app from the springboard and choose Mail ,Contact, Calendars.

Step Two : Tap on Add Account then choose Microsoft Exchange.

Exchange Server Setup
Exchange Server Setup

Step Three : On the next screen you will be prompted to enter your Email, Domain (Optional), Username, Password, and Description. If you don’t know much about these information you can ask your company’s Exchange Server administrator.

Exchange Server Setup
Exchange Server Setup
  • Email: *****@mygcbe.com
  • Domain: GCBE
  • Username: 5 digit PIN
  • Password: Whatever yours is
  • Description: “Work Email” or whatever you’d like.
  • Click Next….

Step Four: (Might not be necessary)

If you are prompted to enter a mail server name you will need to enter the following: “mail.mygcbe.com”.

Step Five: Accept Certificate.

Step Six: The sync process should begin. Just accept all defaults.

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