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Enable A Guest Network On The Google Wifi System

Welcome to Wikirote. Today I am gonna share you a cool thing about google. Yes, the trick is about Guest Wi-Fi by Google. Google has a new feature and that is Guest Wi-Fi. This feature is especially useful if you share files over your home’s network that might contain sensitive information. Granted, you probably trust anyone who you specifically allow on your Wi-Fi network, but you can never be too cautious. So, let’s know about it.

Guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi is a special network just for your guests. Guests will be able to get online and discover the devices that you choose to make available from your main Wi-Fi network.

When you have guests over who want to use your Wi-Fi, you want to give it to them…but you may not want them accessing the other devices on your network. Google WiFi makes it really simple to create a “guest network” that gives them access to the internet, but blocks them from accessing your local network files or other networked devices.

The method is quite simple and easy, and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide that will help you to easily create one guest network on your wifi system that you can assign to someone. So follow the below-discussed steps to proceed.

Note: You have to know that Guest Wi-Fi cannot be set up if your Wifi point(s) is in bridge mode.

Remember, if you are owning any updated and latest smartphone device then you would easily find up this app cause, Google Wifi app might not be available for all the platforms.

Step One
: To get started, you need to open up the Google WiFi app on your phone and tap on the tab with the settings gear icon and three other circles.

Guest Wifi Settings
Guest Wifi Settings

Step Two : Under that tab look forward to the option named Guest WiFi which would be placed at the bottom of the app screen. Tap on that option and move to the another step.

Guest Wi-Fi
Guest Wi-Fi

Step Three : Tap on Next in the bottom-right corner.

Next button
Next button

Step Four : Give your guest Wi-Fi network a name and a password, and then hit Next.

Step Five : Tap on Next when the next screen appears.

Step Six : On the screen where you would reach now, you could be able to allow the access for the certain devices to connect to your Wifi network accessible through the guest session. Set up various allowances for the users and then hit the create option so as to make the new guest session or hit Skip if you don’t want to do this.

Step Seven : Give the app a few moments to create your guest Wi-Fi network. Just click on the Done option or the button to finalize the amendments once your guest Wi-Fi network is created. If you made any devices available for guest users to access, they can do so by visiting

Step Eight
: Hit Done again. On the next screen, you can tap on Share to send your guest Wi-Fi network’s info to other users by sending them a text or email.

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