FAQ’s And Tips For New Laptop User

Please see below for FAQ’s we have had so far. We will add more as we find answers to laptop issues. You will also find Laptop Tips below the FAQ’s.

New Laptop FAQ’s:

1.What if I have stray lines with my cursor/mouse when I unplug from the projector?

Try pressing Command F1 before unplugging the laptop from the board or projector. Also, turning the projector off before unplugging the laptop will prevent the lines. If you see the lines attached to the mouse, restart your laptop.

2. I have black lines that are Ad pop-ups on my Internet browsers. What do I do?

This could possibly be caused from the YouTube Add-on or some other Add-on. If you roll over the black lines, a random advertisement pops up. When it does, there is a ?
and an X in that pop-up box. If you click the X, it closes the window. However, if you click the ? Mark, it tells you what is happening and gives you the choice to Opt-out. If you do so, the double lines go away and the problem is solved.

3. I am having trouble finding the correct display setting for my Promethean Board. What can I do to fix this?

Go to System Preferences and Displays while plugged into the board or projector. Hold down the option key and click scaled. You will see more display options. 1024 X 768, 60 htz is the recommended setting for the board. You can adjust the setting until you find a fit that looks best to you. You will need to re-calibrate your board.

4. I can’t update some App’s in the App Store because they are linked to someone else’s Apple ID. What do I do?

In order to have Pages, iMovie, etc Apps on the new laptops, they had to be downloaded to the district image. That same image was used on all of the laptops. For now, the Apps will function fine without any updates. We will let you know when we are ready to fix the computers to update those Apps for each person. You can buy new App’s in the App store with your own Apple ID. Apple Software Update also works without entering an Apple ID.

5. I am being asked to update Java, what do I do?

Do not update Java unless you are told it is fine to do so by the Technology Department. Updating Java can make the Power Teacher Grade book not work. Please continue to select “Remind me later” until you hear that it is okay to run the update.

6. Adobe Reader is blocked in Safari. How do I fix this?

Trust the PDF plug-in globally (Figure 1):
1. Choose Safari > Preferences > Security > Manage Website Settings.
2. From the left panel, choose Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.
3. In the When visiting other websites pop-up menu, choose Always Allow.

Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat

7. My Outlook seems to loose connection to my email or not retrieve message quickly. What do I do?

The email servers are not housed in BCS, they are located in other areas in the country. If Outlook seems to be having issues connecting, close Outlook and reopen it. You can also close Outlook before you close the lid for any reason and relaunch it to force it to hit the server and get your mail.

8. When I restart my computer, the same windows reopen when it logs back in, can this be prevented?

When restarting the laptop uncheck the “Reopen Windows When Logging Back In” box to prevent your apps from automatically opening at next launch.

9. I have movies on my computer, in my flipcharts and in my Powerpoints that will no long play. What do I do?

Here’s what happened …On your former laptop, you had a program installed called Flip4Mac. That program allowed formats other than .mov to play with Quicktime on your computer. However, that program is no longer FREE. The company is now charging $5.99 per computer and, as you know, BCS doesn’t have the funds to purchase that for every teacher laptop.

What can you do?
Depending on the number of files involved, you can either purchase Flip4Mac OR you can use a free conversion site such as Zamzar to change the movie format from .flv or .wmv to .mov

New Laptop Tips:

  • Remember to restart your computer once a week at least and restart first if something does not look right or work right. This usually fixes most issues including Promethean board connection issues.
  • Keep liquids FAR away from your laptop at both home and school.
  • Purchase insurance and read the brochure carefully. If something happens to the laptop and you do not have insurance, you will have to pay for the laptop, around $1200.
  • Faculty Access Internet is set up and built in. It is one network for teachers. We do not have individual logins to it like before. Service will go away eventually.
  • Back up regularly even though they are new computers. Time Machine is ok, but it backs up applications that are district purchased and you only need the data under your home folder (desktop, documents, movies, music, pictures).
  • Do not leave the laptop in your car or your badge visible. Thieves know we have laptops and your badge is sure sign you might have one with you. Hide it in the trunk or under something if you have to make stops with it in the car.
  • Do not keep your laptop in your car when it is very hot or very cold for a long period of time.
  • Command F1 will get the projector working with the new laptop.
  • Please do not leave your laptop out at school overnight. Take it home or lock it up.
  • Be mindful of where you sit the laptop in your classroom…make sure it cannot easily be knocked off a table or cart. Don’t walk around with it open and running, this is not good for the HD.
  • Software updates from Apple are ok except for Java. Each Java version has to be tested by the PowerSchool team to make sure it does not affect the grade book— Choose remind me later!
  • Report any problems to the ITT or the TST (repair tech assigned to our school) immediately. We have a new EASY work order system for us all to use. (More info later).

After Laptop Tips above tasks you will notice that your Laptop’s performance has improved. Enjoy, your new Laptop with better performance!

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