Get Left App Slider Feature On Any Android Device

Today we are here with cool android trick that is How To Get Left App Slider feature on Any Android. Till now we had discussed lots of android tips and tricks and we are going to share a cool trick that will help you to add a cool slider in your android mobile where you can choose out any android app that being installed in your android. This feature is specially designed to do multitasking on Android. The app we are going to discuss right here will add the app slide feature at the left of your Android screen and make your tasks manageable. In Samsung smartphone this feature is by default there but that is only available for limited devices. This feature is use to do multi tasking in android. And with the app that we are going to discuss right here will add this slider at the left of your android screen and make your tasks easy. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Left App Slider
Left App Slider

A slider will get added to the left of your screen, and you can easily manage the apps from slider according to your wish with the help of the app. Moreover, this can be accessed in lock screen too. So, let’s see how can you do it.

Step One : At first, you need to download and install this Android app Glovebox – Side launcher in your Android.

Step Two : Launch it in your Android after installing the app and then Slide left to get started in it.

Step Three : At the top right corner in the app tap on the plus button (+).

Step Four
: Now in your Android, you will see the list of apps that are currently installed.

Step Five
: Now it’s time to tap on the apps that you wish to add in your slider and then click on tick sign button present there.

Step Six
: After that you will see that all apps that you have selected will be there on the main screen of the app.

Step Seven : Now swipe to left to the right corner of your Android, and a slider will appear that will contain all the Android apps that you have selected.

You have completed your work now slider is get added to your Android that you can easily use for multitasking purpose in your Android device.

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