How To Add Students And Edit A Class Roster

Once you have created a class in the database, you can add students to that class.

1. Click the Prepare>Classes and Students tab.

2. Select Student from the New drop-down button.

3. CPS displays the default student information. CPS automatically saves the default student data row.

4. Quick Tip: Quickly add personalized student information to a student data row by typing in the student‘s first name, click the Tab key on your keyboard, type in the student‘s last name, click Enter on your keyboard. Clicking Enter saves the student‘s information and automatically moves you to the next student data row. CPS automatically assigns the next student a pad ID number in numeric order. You may change the student‘s pad ID number by clicking on the Pad ID data field and entering in a new pad ID. Data fields include the following fields:

  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Pad ID (required)
  • Student ID (required for REAP)
  • Gender (required for REAP)
  • Ethnicity (required for REAP)
  • Economically disadvantaged (not required)

Note: If you are using REAP, each student must have a unique student ID. If you know your students‘ district IDs, please use them. The IDs may be alpha-numeric, but must have at least 5 total characters and/or numbers.

5. Click Save when you have added all the students‘ data. CPS will automatically display the students‘ information on the student side.

Note: You can use any class you create in this database in conjunction with any session delivery. Click the column headers, First Name, Last Name, or Pad ID, on the student side to sort the view of the students in a class.

Edit Class Information

1. Click the Prepare>Classes and Students tab.

2. Select the class name that you want to edit.

3. Click Edit .

4. Click on the Class Information or Contact Information tab.

5. Edit any of the on-screen options.

6. Click Save to save any changes.

7. Click Done to exit and return to the Prepare>Classes and Students tab.

Edit Student Information

1. Click the Prepare>Classes and Students tab.

2. Select a class from the class side to display the students in this class on the student side.

3. From the student side, click on the student data field (located under the blue header) that contains the student information you want to edit. A cursor appears in the selected data field.

4. Edit student information in the data field that contains the cursor.

5. Click Save .

6. Repeat the above steps to edit additional student information.

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