How To Create A Class Roster

The Prepare>Classes and Students tab is split into two panes. The left pane gives a view of all classes in this open database. We refer to this as the class side.

The right pane displays all of the students from any highlighted class name. We refer to this as the student side. When you highlight a class name from the left pane, all of the student’s names in that class display on the student side.

Create a Class Roster
Create a Class Roster

Create a Class Roster

1. Click the Prepare>Classes and Students tab.

2. Select Class from the New drop-down button.

3. The New Class Wizard appears.

4. Choose K-12 as your Institution Type.

5. Click Next to continue.

Note: If this is your first time creating a CPS class, enter your Contact Information and click Next to continue. If you have previously created a CPS class, CPS stored your contact information. You will automatically move to the Class Information page.

6. Enter your Class Information:

New Class Wizard
New Class Wizard
  • Class Name: This is the only required information for a class. It will help you differentiate your classes so choose a descriptive name.
  • Course Number: Course number assigned by your school.
  • Section: Section number for your class.
  • Period: Period in which you hold your class.
  • Semester: Semester during which you teach your class.
  • Campus: Building or campus where you teach your class.
  • Classroom Number: Room number for your class.
  • Make this a CPSOnline class (An instructor Setup Code is required): Leave the box in front of this option blank.
  • Attendance Options: This is the location where you store your attendance records in CPS. You can choose to view the attendance as a grade in the Assessments area of the Report>Gradebook tab or choose to view the attendance as Absent/Present in the Class Info area of the Report>Gradebook tab.

7. Click Next to continue.

8. Click Next to create your class or click Back to review your information.

9. Click Done to close the New Class Wizard and return to the Prepare>Classes and Students tab, or create another class by clicking the box in front of the I want to make another class option.

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