How To Create A CPS Database

A CPS database is a file with a file extension of .cps. This file is where you save your class information, lessons and questions, team activities, standards, and student performance data for sessions already administered.

Create a New Database Although you can create many CPS databases, we suggest you create only one, where each teacher uses their own database. Organizing the data collected by CPS is easy when you save multiple classes and lessons to a single database. To create a new CPS database, follow these directions:

1. Open CPS from the desktop icon. The CPS Open or Create New CPS Database window appears. ( Note: If you are already in a CPS database choose File > New Database and go to step 4.)

CPS Database
CPS Database

2. Choose Create a New CPS File.

3. Click OK. The New CPS File dialog box opens.

4. Navigate your computer to select where to save the file in the Save in: text box.

Create a New Folder by clicking on the New Folder button to store your CPS database.

CPS Database
CPS Database

Double-click the New Folder so that it’s displayed in the Save in: box.

Type a name for the database file in the File name: text box.

Click Save.

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