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How To Create Questions In CPS

After you create a lesson or folder, you can populate the lesson or folder by adding questions. You create questions by using the CPS Question Author window.

Default Font
Before creating a question, set the default font to apply a font style and size of your choosing to current and future questions.

1. Click the Settings Menu and choose Default Font.

2. Choose the font, style, and size you want the font in your questions to appear by default.

3. Click OK.

Question Author Window

1. Click the Prepare>Lessons and Assessments tab.

2. Select the lesson or folder in which you want the question to appear.

3. Click New in the Home group to show a drop-down menu.

4. Select the Question menu item. The Question Author window opens. Use the main ribbon in the Question Author window to complete the following tasks:

  • Navigate Group:

o New: Create a new question.

o Save: Save the question and remain in the Question Author window.

o Close: Close the Question Author window.

o Green Arrows: Move to the previous or next question in the lesson without saving.

o Save Arrows: Save the current question and move to the previous or next question in the lesson.

  • Font Group:

o Utilize the following buttons within the Font group to change the text options for a question: Font, Font Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript, Character Map, Select Stems, and Font Color

  • Format Group:

o Question Type: Select from the following question types: MC2-MC8, Numeric (RF only), True/False, Yes/No, and Performance Questions.

o Template Style: Select from the following template styles: Chalkboard, No Graphics, and Add Graphics.

  • Options Group:

o Engage: Choose from the following delivery options:

ƒ Show question image after response

ƒ Show image full screen

ƒ Exclude question from self-paced and practice assessments

ƒ Engage as freeform

o Question: Choose from the following question options:

ƒ Standards: Associate the question with a standard

ƒ Categories: Assign a category to a question

ƒ Notes and Media: Include notes and media with a question

ƒ Difficulty: Assign a difficulty level to the question

Proofing Group:

o Preview: Preview the question in Standard Mode.

o Spelling: Choose from the following spelling options:

ƒ Check spelling now

ƒ Check spelling upon saving the question

ƒ Select check spelling options

Create Questions

1. Choose a Question Type in the Format group.

2. Type the question in the question box of the question template you selected.

3. Type the answers in the answer boxes of the question template you selected.

4. Select the correct answer by clicking in the checkbox beside that answer so that a checkmark appears.

5. Click Save and Move to Next Question.

Repeat steps 1-5 to add additional questions to the lesson.

When you are finished adding questions, click Save and then Close in the Navigate group.

Question-Authoring Templates

Multiple Choice
You have the option of choosing from two to eight answer stems in a multiple choice formatted question by using the templates named MC2-MC8. If you are using the CPSir pads, please note that MC6-8 cannot be used in Student Paced or Student Practice modes since those answer buttons take on different functions on the response pad.

This is a template, for use with CPSrf, that allows you to pose a question with a numeric answer (with or without symbols) as opposed to multiple choice. This option is not available with the CPSir response pads.

Choosing this option will automatically place the word “True” in the A answer stem and “False” in the B answer stem.

Choosing this option will automatically place the word “Yes” in the A answer stem and “No” in the B answer stem.

The chalkboard template gives you the opportunity to draw or load images into the area provided while asking questions for students to engage in during delivery.

1. Choose a Question Type (MC4) in the Format group (i.e. MC, Numeric, T/F, Y/N).

2. Click the blue arrow in the Template drop-down menu in the Format group and select Chalkboard from the list of question templates.

3. The Chalkboard question template appears. Use the Chalkboard toolbar, on the left-hand side of the CPS Question Author window, to add images, draw on the screen, or alter the pen settings.

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