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How To Engage Standard Mode In CPS

The Standard mode lets the teacher control the pace and progress of students through the questions. CPS will automatically engage a lesson in the Standard mode by default.

Engage Standard Mode

1. Click the Engage>Lessons and Assessments tab.

2. Select the ExamView lesson you want to engage by clicking in the check box before the file name.

3. Type a title, choose a session type and select a class in the Engage Options group.

4. Click Engage in the Teach group. The Engage toolbar appears.

  • Questions: Choose any of the pre-written questions in your lesson.
  • Next (#1): This constantly changing menu button indicates which question number is next in chronological order. Click here to put up the next question.
  • Verbal: Choose from a drop-down menu of question types to ask questions on-thefly and record performance data.
  • Chalkboard: Upload and draw images while delivering on-the-fly questions.
  • Options: Opens the Delivery Options window to select options.
  • Engage Toolbar Handle: Click and drag on this icon to move the Engage toolbar anywhere on your screen.
  • Class: Randomly select a student from your active class list or take attendance.
  • Charting window: View performance data in a chart.
  • Exit CPS: Save your results up to this point and shut down CPS entirely.
  • Close: End the delivery session and return to the main CPS window.

5. From the Engage toolbar choose which question you want to begin with by clicking Next or by selecting from the list of questions under Questions.

6. Click Start to begin the response cycle. When students respond their respective boxes will flash blue when a student answers for the first time, green when an answer is verified, and yellow to show an answer has changed.

Click End to end the response cycle.

  • The correct answer is indicated by the green check mark.
  • The answer distribution is located in the charting window .
  • The cumulative percent correct and question percent correct are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

8. Click the green Forward Arrow button to advance to the next question.

9. Click Close to return to the Engage toolbar.

10. On the Engage toolbar, click Close to end the delivery session and return to the main CPS window or click Exit CPS to save your results up to this point and shut down CPS entirely.

ExamView Buttons
When you engage an Exam View lesson in CPS, you have access to three special Exam View
buttons in the Feedback Grid. (Note: All buttons will not be available on all questions.)

Zoom Button
Change the magnification of your question in the CPS Content Delivery window.

Narrative Button
Hide or show an associated Narrative on the CPS Content Delivery window.

Recalculate Button

Change the answer to a question and deliver that one question multiple times. This button works with Preview mode.

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