How To Engage Verbal Questions

Verbal questions are “on the fly” questions that you can use to engage students in a lesson. Use this feature to ask questions during a lesson in coordination with existing questions from the textbook, multimedia presentations, or any other non-CPS source.

Engage Verbal Questions

1. Click the Engage>Lessons and Assessments tab.

2. Click Engage in the Verbal group. The CPS Verbal Question Setup window appears.

3. Optional: Change your session options.

Verbal Question Setup Window

  • Include Session in Gradebook: Records grades in the Gradebook.
  • Export to Question Grid: Creates Question Grid Report as an Excel file to display results.
  • Anonymous Mode: Select to ensure answers are not associated with specific students.
  • Automatically Upload Session Upon Completion: Automatically uploads performance data to CPSOnline, ANGEL, Blackboard, WebCT, or REAP.
  • Session Title: Type the name of your session.
  • Session Category: Select a category for the lesson.
  • Max Points: Choose your Max Points. This field will default to 100.
  • Class Options: Assign a pregenerated class to the lesson from the drop-down menu, or create a default class by clicking Create.
  • Create Attendance from this Assessment: Select this option to generate an attendance assessment for your session. You can choose to track the attendance in the Gradebook, and if you use CPSOnline, you can automatically upload attendance after your session. Make sure you also have your class attendance options set to show attendance as assessments.

4. Click OK. The Verbal Engage toolbar appears.

  • Verbal: Choose from a drop-down menu of question types to ask questions on the fly and record performance data.
  • Chalkboard: Upload and draw images while delivering on the fly questions.
  • Options: Opens the Delivery Options window to select options like show large screen for Verbal mode.
  • Engage Toolbar Handle: Click and drag on this icon to move the Engage toolbar anywhere on your screen.
  • Class: Randomly select a student from your active class list or take attendance.
  • Charting window: View performance data in a chart.
  • Exit CPS: Save your results up to this point and shut down CPS entirely.
  • Close: End the delivery session and return to the main CPS window.

5. Click Options to turn “Show Large Screen” on or off.

Verbal question

You may resize the window using the resize button in the upper, right-hand corner and also by selecting the edge of the window and dragging it to the desired size.

Verbal question with large screen OFF

6. Click Verbal .

7. Select a question type from the drop-down menu.

8. Ask your question.

  • If the Show Large Screen option is turned on, type your question in the Question Box and type the answer choices in the Answer Boxes.
  • If the Show Large Screen option is turned off, ask your question aloud. Clicking on the Snapshot button will take a picture of whatever is being displayed on the screen. The image is stored in the same location as the CPS database and displayed in various CPS reports.

Snapshot button

9. Click Start to begin the response cycle.

Verbal question with large screen on

10. Click End to end the response cycle. The Charting Window will appear with the answer responses.

Charting Window

11. Optional: To define the correct answer, click in the box before “Show Correct” and then choose the Correct Answer from the drop-down menu.

12. Click Close to exit the Charting Window.

13. When you return to the CPS Content Delivery window you will see:

  • The correct answer is indicated by the green check mark.
  • The answer distribution is displayed to the right of each answer choice.
  • The cumulative percent correct and question percent correct are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

CPS Content Delivery Window

14. After engaging in the Verbal mode you can ask additional Verbal questions by utilizing the Verbal Question buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Verbal Question Buttons

  T/F             True/False

  Y/N            Yes/No

123…           Numeric (only available with RF pads)

  A-B              Multiple Choice – 2 answers

A-C              Multiple Choice – 3 answers

A-D              Multiple Choice – 4 answers

A-E              Etc…

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