How To Generate, Print, And Export Reports

The CPS Reporting System lets you access, view, and print performance data recorded during instructional sessions. The Reporting System is a delivery tool because you can use it only after you finish a session and CPS records the session information in the database.

CPS records performance results in the same database where the delivered lesson, standard, assessment, or team activity resides. When you access the Report>Reports tab and select the type of report you want, CPS organizes the recorded data around the class associated with the lesson when it was delivered and in the report form you select.

Generate Reports

1. Click the Report>Reports tab.

2. Select a session from which you want to generate a report.

3. Click Generate in the Reports group. The CPS Reporting window opens. This window displays the names of the students who participated in the session you selected. It also displays the available report types.

4. Select the students for whom you want to generate a report. Reports include only performance data from students with a check mark by their name. You can select every student using the Select All option or Filter out students who didn‘t respond by selecting Filter out students who didn’t respond.

5. Select a report type from report type list on the right side of the window.

6. Click Preview. A Print Preview window opens and displays the report.

7. Click Views in the left column of the Print Preview window and use the four icons available to see different views of the report. These icons also appear in the toolbar.

8. Click Export to File to save the report in any of the following file formats:

  • Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
  • Acrobat (*.pdf)
  • Formatted HTML (*.html)
  • Excel (*.xls)
  • Text (*.txt)

9. Click Printer to print the report.

10. To exit the Print Preview window, click Close .

11. Click Close on the Reporting window to return to the Report>Reports tab.

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