Best Online Marketing Tips And Tricks

Are you searching best Online Marketing Tips? Great, this is right place. The more people that attend your classes, the more you will get coming back!

Build your learner base exponentially and get comfortable leading online sessions. Set up a sustainable model for increasing your audience and generating revenue in the long term. Don’t forget to leverage the learner base you already have in the flesh and online.

Process Flow of Successful Instructors

Sign Up -> Setup Profile -> Take Orientation -> Create Free Promo Classes -> Promote -> Tweak Efforts Based on Feedback -> Create Paid Classes -> Promote -> Tweak Efforts Based on Feedback

Making the Most of Your Online Academy – Marketing Tips

Advanced Training – Attend a training to learn the advanced features of the virtual classroom and stay up to date on new technology developments.

Practice – log into your account and click on “Launch Practice Session” at the bottom of the left-hand side tool bar… practice makes perfect!

Free Classes – do the first one or two classes for free (to get comfortable) and offer free sessions or discount codes periodically to build your learner base.

Paid Classes – create paid classes after you get a feel for using the system — don’t forget to create promotional codes to help promote your offerings!

Experiment – lead multiple classes in the first three months and test effectiveness of what is working for your students. Remember, the idea is to start to monetize classes over the long run, so figuring out what works for students while getting started will give you good insight on how to be an online “pro” and have people spread the word for you.

Marketing – Get the word out! Let your user base, your friends and your family know about your academy and have them let their friends know.

Feedback – request it and see what people enjoyed and what didn’t work.

Marketing Tips

Before the event

PR Outreach – send a message to all the bloggers, local news reporters, TV reporters, etc in your space:

  • tell them about your free session(s)
  • ask them to tell people about the great service you’re offering
  • calling is the most effective way at getting coverage

Email – send an email to your database:

  • Identify your online class in the subject line
  • include a link to your class.
  • Ex: “Subject: “Come to my free online class on 3/3/2012”
  • Send this at least a week before the event. Send a reminder the day before.

Facebook – like “Learn It Live” and then make a post to leverage our network and your network:

  • Ex. “Attend my live class at @LearnitLive on 3/3/2012 at 3:33pm EST. Learn about (whatever you’re teaching). Sign up now! (insert link to your class).”
  • To find your class link: Login to LiL and click on the class widget.
  • Do this at least 3 times before your event to remind people. Persistence pays off!

Twitter – send out a similar tweet:

  • Ex: “Learn with me live (date, time) (include a link to your class)”
  • You can find a pre-made tweet with a shortened link at the LiLClass Page (
  • Do this at least 3 times before your event to remind people.

Message Participants – if you have learners already taking your classes on LiL send a message to participants from your prior classes.

  • Log-in, go to the left hand side of the page, “Message All Students”
  • Offer a discount code to entice them


Link People to Your Academy

  • In the footer or signature line of your email communications
  • In your blog posts
  • Ex: “Join me live. Attend my class at Learn It Live (link)”

• Advertise Online

  • Place a Learn It Live Banner on your website
  • Try a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Try a Google Adwords campaign
  • Write and post blogs, even guest blogs
  • Try a giveaway – Ex: sign up and enter for a chance to win 3 free classes with me

• Advertise Offline

  • Promote yourself in your community via flyers, posters, and other print materials.
  • If you are interested in investing in a designer to build your brand let us know.

During Your Class

• Advertise Your Next Class

  • Make a comment to students about attending future classes
  • Provide a promo code to entice them to sign up

Request Feedback

  • Ask for students to leave feedback (they will receive a request from LiL)

Plug Other Services / Products

  • Invite them to get in touch for doing a private session
  • Tell them about your products available for purchase

After the Class


  • Thank them and invite to view the recording.
  • Ex: “It was so great to interact with so many of you @LearnitLive . If you missed my class, check out the recording here (insert link). Stay tuned for more virtual classes about (whatever you’re teaching).”

• Twitter, send out a similar tweet.

  • Ex: Thanks for hanging out with me @LearnItLive. Missed the live class? See the recording: (include a link to your class)

• Message Students

  • Go to the Control Panel under the class widget and click on the mail icon.
  • Tell them about upcoming classes. Thank them for their time and interest.

Other Fun Ideas and Marketing Tips

  • Leverage regular newsletters
  • Experiment with give-aways
  • Get engaged with the blogger community
  • Invite local companies and their employees to attend (offer a special discount)
  • Contact news/tv/radio reporters
  • Create online events: facebook events, EventBrite, Yelp, Google Places, Meetup
  • Become a featured guest blogger (for Learn It Live)
  • Co-ordinate with other LiL instructors to create a special event
  • Pin us on Pinterest (and engage your audience on your own page)

Online Marketing Tips will help you to share your friend and family on social media. Don’t Forget below comment. Find many more Online Marketing Tips on this site Stay connected.

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