Mirror Android Mobile Screen To Window PC

Sometimes, you want to see your Android smartphone’s screen on your PC. How do you do that? Well, if you have a rooted smartphone, it’s easy. But if you haven’t rooted your device, there are still some simple ways to get your phone or tablet’s screen to show on your PC or Mac. With lots of features and some of the beneficial apps, Android becomes the excellent choice of all smartphone users. We are here with the trick to mirror Android display to PC. We are going to show you two working methods which will help you mirror your Android mobile screen to PC.


Mirroring your android mobile screen to pc is very easy task if you choose right app. Here we collect some best mirroring app for your android mobile. These android apps are totally free and available for all android mobile users. Mirroring your android display means you can see your android mobile screen to pc in real-time. Here we are giving the method to do it without root.

Using Allcast Receiver App

You will be using Allcast Android app and Allcast Receiver Chrome app in order to mirror your Android display to PC. You don’t need to root your phone in order to use this app. All you need is a working WiFi network connecting with your Phone as well as PC. So, let’s know how to do…

Step One : At first you need to download and Install Allcast App in your Android device from here.

Step Two : After install that you need to download the AllCast Receiver App for Chrome to your PC from here.

Step Three : Now you will need to download launch the mobile app that is mirror beta on your Android device.

Step Four : After that you need to launch the All cast receiver of Chrome

Step Five : There you will see that your Android device will get automatically get connected to your device.

: Make sure both devices must connect to same wifi network.

Once you done all of the above tasks you will see your Android screen on your PC. And whatever you play on your Android you will see on your PC.

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