New Year’s Resolution: Where to Begin with Household Projects

January is always the month of lists, preparations, changes, short-term and long-term goals. For those who have been putting off the gutters, yard clean-up, bathroom expansion, hardwood floor refinishing and other projects, it’s usually a month of trips to the hardware store as well as many calls to local contractors. No matter what your renovation this New Year’s resolution season, you should come up with a distinctive plan to make sure that it gets done and doesn’t take you until next New Year’s to finish. These are just some of the home repair needs that most often hit people and how to get through these renovations without losing all of your marbles.

1. Create a Map of What’s Necessary and What’s Not
You may have just witnessed the most gorgeous piece of New York City real estate and thought about giving up your home for good, but even with all of its problems, it’s still your place and you do have to conduct maintenance on your home from time to time. However, oftentimes, people can be overzealous with New Year’s resolution projects for January. Remember that you have lots of time for different projects, and you can have long-term goals for cleaning out the garage, taking out dangerous trees and finally expanding your master bedroom to have its very own spa. You should sit down and create a map of things from small to large that need to be fixed, modified or replaced in your home. What projects will be easier to finish than others? Who can help you with these projects? Develop a list of projects and reasonable dates to finish each item.

2. Remember the Weather and Season
For many people, it’s not the time to go out and do yard or roof work. Focus on indoor household items that need to be fixed or replaced. You can work on refinishing the floors, installing new cabinets, re-painting rooms in your home, fixing leaky faucets and troubleshooting a buggy dishwasher. When you have bigger indoor projects, remember to consider outdoor factors as well. If you plan on expanding rooms, replacing windows, working with pipes or changing out your water tank heater to a tankless water heater, then you need to consider the weather implications for each project. You also may want to hire a local contractor to help with bigger projects.

3. This Contractor Seems Fishy
Not all contractors are bad, but those who operate under a bad license or no license who don’t provide any references may leave you with an unfinished home remodel or an even bigger project than you originally wanted. When hiring a contractor to help with New Year’s resolution, think of the exact project that you need help with and what specific materials that you need. You should do some research of the specific project beforehand so that you have some knowledge, and contact at least three to five contractors to come out to your home for an estimate. The right contractor will have references, licensing documentation, previous experience and lots of ideas for how to improve your project as well as a decent price.

While these are just a few things to remember during New Year’s home resolution season, make sure that you also wear the property safety gear when working on bigger home renovations and always look to those around you for help. Your neighbor, co-worker and family can often be there to help you with smaller household projects.

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