Why Should Not The Ears Be Cleaned With Your Cotton Swabs

It is wide believed that our ears need as deep and as frequent a cleaning as possible. because it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth! you must only clean the outer (visible) a part of the ear cavity — and only with the help of a moist piece of cotton. And another vital thing — you shouldn’t clean any deeper than you would with a finger!

Today, WikiRote presents you with a series of images that will help you to visualize the harmful effects of cleanup your ears with cotton swabs.

A. Ears

B. Ears hole

C. Ears hole under cotton

D. Ears gum

E. Ears fresh

F. Ears pollution

G. Ears Insect

H. Ears dust

I. Ears sound

J. Ears save

K. Ears control

L. Ears good

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