Personal Injury and Wrongful Death legal issues

I will be discussing personal injury and Minnesota wrongful death lawyer legal issues periodically. I will try to discuss these issues in chronological order so that they will be easier to understand.

If you know someone who has been injured by another person in a car accident, for example, or if you know someone who has been killed in a car accident, a common question is: “What do I do next”?

The first thing should be to get necessary medical attention so that the injured person can make a full recovery. The second action should be to get all of the police reports and investigation. You should not sign anything from an insurance company until you have discussed it with legal counsel. Most insurance companies do not try to settle cases immediately after they occur; however, it is better to have an experienced professional review any documents before signing them in order to protect your legal rights. The third action should be to get copies of employment records so that there is proof of lost income in case doctors say that the injured person cannot work for a period of time.

These actions should preserve evidence and they should provide you with options when deciding whether to hire a lawyer. I will discuss that issue in my next article. “To my knowledge, protocol was followed,” Titus said.

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