Practice styles of personal injury law firms

In this article I will discuss the practice styles of personal injury law firms.

There are very large and successful personal injury law firms in every state and city. The typical law firm has many experienced lawyers, some lawyers without much experience, and paralegals and secretaries. These law firms must have a large volume of cases in order to make money. They will try to settle many cases in order to pay their bills. If a case does not settle, then they have attorneys and paralegals work on the cases at the earlier stages so that the law firm’s costs are kept low. They must have many clients at any one time in order to pay the law firm’s bills.

In my law firm, I personally handle all the cases. I do not send clients to less experienced lawyers or to paralegals. I have access to experienced and capable paralegals when I need them; however, I do most, if not all, of the work myself. I limit the number of clients that I have at any one time so that I can devote the necessary time to those clients, and so that I have a strong relationship with my clients. Rather than have hundreds of cases, I only have a few clients at a time so that I can provide sterling customer service to my clients.

I treat my clients the way that I would want to be treated if someone in my family was seriously injured or killed.

If my approach appeals to you, please call me about a serious injury or Iowa wrongful death case or any wrongful death case.

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