Record Your Mac’s Webcam Video With QuickTime player

Do you know about the macOS’s built-in QuickTime video player? If no then its time to explore this cool feature of your MAC OS. Sometimes we need to record our video or audio when we use our webcam while video calling with come client, friends, family or any other then you must be thinking what to use to record that screen. If you need to record your webcam’s video and audio to disk, you can use either macOS’s built-in QuickTime Player or the open-source VLC Player. QuickTime is a quick but rudimentary option, while VLC allows for more control. Today we will talk about the QuickTime player. So, let’s start…

QuickTime comes with every Mac as a default video player. It can be used to record videos and audios and commonly used to watch videos on every Mac. You can make a quick and simple video recordings of your webcam’s video feed using QuickTime Player. Follow the below steps to proceed.

Step One : At first open QuickTime Player from the Applications folder.

Quicktime Player
Quicktime Player

Step Two : Then simply close the window by clicking Done button asking if you want to open a new file.

Quicktime Player
Quicktime Player

Step Three : From the menu bar choose New Movie Recording from the File menu.

Quicktime Player
Quicktime Player

Step Four : After all these things a new QuickTime window will open which will be showing a preview of what your webcam will capture and then click on Record button there and adjust yourself and your webcam to make sure everything looks perfect.

Step Five
: If you don’t want to record sound with your Mac’s default audio input, click the drop-down arrow next to the Record button. This will expose a drop-down menu allowing you to select from a list of available audio inputs.

Step Six : Now click the red colored Record button when you think you are ready for the recording and a timer will begin showing the length and the file size of your recording. You’ll also see a live stream of your video on your screen as it’s recorded.

Step Seven : When you’re done recording, click the grey Stop button. It will be in the same place the Record button was previously.

Step Eight : The finished video will appear in its QuickTime Player window, choose Save from the File menu to save the file.

Step Nine : Choose the location where you want to save the file and click the Save button.

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