Save Energy by Making your Roof more Cooling

In every home, almost 50% of total billing costs go towards electricity to make your home cooler or warmer. The first answer to the question on how to cut down on energy bills is to use your roof as a defence against the cold winters and hot summers. If your room is not efficient enough and is poorly insulated, it will allow all the heat to pour into your home during the summers and as a result, you will be left with thumping air conditioning bills. On the other hand, during the winter, most of the warmth in your home will be let out through the roof. Hence you will incur more heating costs.

Long term benefits can be seen if you decide to spend a little more in the present to make a good, energy efficient roof. Not only will you be left with lower electricity bills but will also have a longer roof life because of the energy efficient materials being able to withstand UV radiation from the sun. The solar reflectance feature in energy efficient roofing materials will reflect the energy of the sun back into the environment instead of absorbing it into the home. With this feature, 30% less heat will get into your home during summers. In addition to that, the R-value feature of an energy efficient roof is able to provide high insulation in colder climates so that the warmth is not exposed through the roof.

To make your roof more cooling, you could use a basic water sprinkler that uses some water from your tanks and sprinkles it around your roof periodically. This is a very effective way in which you can cool down your roof. Another basic idea is to have your drying zone above your roof. Place a clothes line connecting two trees which hang just above your roof and put some wet, un-wrung clothes on that line. The water dripping from these clothes will keep your roof cool. In addition to water based methods, you could also use nature to have a cooling roof. Have more trees and plants on and around your roof so that all the carbon dioxide is absorbed by the plants and more oxygen is given out, leaving your home cool overall. A landscape architect once came up with this roof garden concept as an answer to getting rid of greenery on the ground to construct more buildings but how to keep the area cool. He said that what is lost on the ground can be replaced with greenery on the top.

In conclusion, the roofs that lie over our heads are able to do more than just provide us with protection from extreme weather conditions. If you are planning on purchasing a new home, make sure that its roof is built with high quality energy efficient materials and is also naturally cool from the top. Galvanized aluminium and gypsum boards are advisable materials for those building new roofs. Some cities provide incentives for making your home energy efficient. Find out if you are eligible for one of those and make use of that money to make a better roof and to save up on more money in the future.

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