Some Great Ideas for Raising Funds Online

Internet has revolutionized just about every aspect of our lives. The matters are just not the same as they were a couple of decades ago and the effects of internet are obvious in almost everything.

The situation is not different when it comes to fundraising and the technology can be used to hold fundraisers, online. There are some fantastic ideas that can be utilized and money can be raised for any purpose.


One of the many online fundraising ideas is to setup a website where people can come and make contributions. It is an idea that will work more for charities and social work as people prefer to make a direct donation for a cause.

If you have an organization that has a name known to the people, it can very well click and people will be more than willing to give money to your causes. You will need to make a website that is detailed in nature and highlights not only what you are currently doing and asking the money for but also what you have done in past. Having your history of work is crucial as it will let the donors know that you are not a new name and have been doing the good work for some time.

This will save you the costs that are associated with traditional fundraisers and will give you a universal outreach. The effect of the mass outreach should allow you to get more funds as well.


It’s a relatively unique fundraising ideas. Instead of blogging just for the causes you are raising funds, blog for those who wish to make a donation. It is quite simple, if someone wants to have their business promoted or are looking to even promote themselves, you can blog about their work on your own blog and in return for the publicity, charge a fee that will go towards fundraising.

There are some online freelance jobs as well. You can have a few writers who can do the job professionally and setup a percentage of each job that will go the fundraising efforts. Do make a mention of this and you will certainly get some good work online. It is certainly a win-win situation.

Online Auction

Use this one of the oldest and easy fundraising ideas, with a twist. Instead of holding a physical auction, you can hold one online. Websites such as ebay have special tools for online auctions and you can benefit from these as they facilitate such auctions. Have some detailed information of the reasons for fundraising and you are bound to get a good response.

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