Top 10 Shortcut Keys For Firefox You Must Know

This no need to tell you that Firefox is the most popular web browser at any device. But the has many features that most of the people who use it don’t know. That’s why today I am going to share some awesome Firefox tricks that can help you very much when you would face this type of problems. Firefox tricks are given below. So, let’s start…

Ctrl+T and middle-click

If you want to open a new tab on your Firefox browser than this key will secure your time. You just need to press Ctrl+T and you will see that the browser opened a new tab. You can also open a new tab with link. You just need to click your mouse volume button on the link text. And you will see that the browser has open a new tab with that link.


Oops, close a tab you didn’t want closed, press Ctrl+Shift+T to undo any tab close. Pressing this multiple times will undo multiple closes.

F6 or Ctrl+L

When you are in hurry to go in a link you have to get the address or url bar with the mouse. But this feature will help you to to write anything on address bar through just a click. You just need to press F6 or Ctrl+L and you will see that the pointer is in the address bar.

Ctrl+F or /

Pressing Ctrl+F opens the find feature. Using this you can quickly find text within the same page. If you want to do a quick find and have Firefox scroll to the text location as you type press forward slash (/) instead while in the browser.

Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab

This shortcut keys will help you to Move between open tabs.


If you want to close the current tab where you are staying than just simply press Ctrl+W and your current tab will be closed.


If you want to see that what you have downloaded from the browser than just simply press Ctrl+J and your download manager window will open easily.


IF you want to bookmark a page where you currently staying in than you just need to press Ctrl+D and you will see that your bookmark notification will be shown to you.


This key will help you to make the screen full screen, removing all toolbars and status bars and press the same key for exit.

Ctrl+, Ctrl+, and Ctrl+0

Pressing Ctrl+ will increase the font size, pressing Ctrl+ will decrease the font size, and if you want to reset the font size back to the default press Ctrl+0.

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