What Can Body Contouring Do for You?

There are many benefits to body contouring. Body contouring makes the body look leaner and more youthful, and helps perk up some of our lost elasticity. Some people benefit from having their body re-contoured after weight loss surgery, while others simply have the procedure done to counteract the effects of aging. Exercise and healthy eating are great for the body, but many women find that they have fat deposits that cannot be removed by these methods alone. While contouring is often viewed as a purely cosmetic procedure, it also benefits patients who have lost a large amount of weight and are dealing with rashes or infections due to the amount of resultant loose skin hanging around after their weight loss efforts have succeeded.

Procedures to improve the physical contour of an individual are often performed on the entire body, but certain areas can also be targeted selectively, including the arms, thighs, neck, or buttocks. Lower body lifts are very common, as are arm lifts and buttock lifts. Contouring can be performed on its own or combined with other procedures such as breast augmentation to improve the appearance of the body. Patients should listen carefully to the instructions given by their surgeon to achieve the best results before and after their procedure.

One of the biggest benefits of contouring surgery is the immediate difference in body shape. Most patients notice a significant amount of change in their bodies after their first procedure, even if their surgery is being performed in multiple stages. Another major benefit that patients notice almost immediately is that they recover from contouring more quickly than traditional methods of plastic surgery. Everyone’s bodies are different, but many patients find that they are able to resume normal activities about a week after their procedure.

Patients who have noticed that their skin is sagging due to aging or significant weight loss usually benefit the most from these highly effective contouring procedures. The skin has often lost elasticity and will hang on the body unattractively and uncomfortably, which can cause rashes and infection. There is usually little that the doctor can do to prevent these rashes from occurring without increasing the elasticity of the skin. Most patients who have lost large amounts of weight have worked very hard to achieve their weight loss, and this leftover sagging skin can make them hesitant to show off the body they have worked so hard to achieve. In this way, a procedure that helps to eliminate sagging skin benefits patients mentally and emotionally as much as it benefits them physically.

Body contouring is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures to help individuals complete a weight loss overhaul, or help reverse the effects of aging. It is often that last step, or that less invasive manner in which to achieve a body that looks on the outside the way one feels on the inside.

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