What is Web Traffic and How to get good traffic to a Site

Traffic is the most important thing if you have started a website with the aim of earning money from it. Traffic is the visits to a site. If you have a website then you should have good traffic to it so that many visitors reach your site, comment on it, bring their friends to your site and buy from the site if you are selling anything. The wings grow up for a site that gets huge traffic. The traffic can be of two types, organic and inorganic.

Organic or targeted traffic is of those internet users who are genuinely interested in your site, products or services whereas inorganic traffic can be of any types of visitors. If you are selling cars and you get 100 visits of car buyers then it is organic traffic but if you are getting the visits of undergraduate students then this traffic cannot be categorized as organic.

What type of traffic is more beneficial?
Obviously, organic traffic is more beneficial because 100 visits of targeted users can be more valuable than 1000 visits of any types of users. So what type of traffic you would like to have for your website? Any intelligent website owner will quickly answer that he or she needs organic or targeted traffic for his or her website.

Unique visits and repeated visits
The traffic of a website can have unique and repeated visits. Unique visits are made by the visitors that are visiting the site for the first time and repeated visits come from the visitors visiting the same site repeatedly. Now your question may be that what types of visits are more valuable? The answer is unique visits because the important thing is to get more and more visitors to a site. 100 visits by 10 unique visitors are considered as more important and can be more valuable than 110 visits by the same visitor. If your aim is to get good traffic to your site then you should also make sure that the traffic to your site should include the maximum unique visitors.

Now your question may be that how to get good traffic. There are many ways to increase the traffic to a site and some of them are listed below.

  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • Link Submission
  • Guest Posting

Complete Search Engine Optimization of a website but make sure that it does not make much use of black hat techniques.

If you follow all of the suggested ways above, then you will surely get more traffic to your site.

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