When should you hire an experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Motorcycle accidents can occur without anyone being at fault; however, it is much more common for motorcycle accidents to occur because someone was negligent or careless.  The injured person has the right to have a jury decide the responsibility of the negligent person, and the jury decides the amount of damages.  (Damages are an amount of money that puts the injured person where he or she would have been had they not been injured).  In some states, there is a requirement that a person suffer a permanent injury before they can seek damages from the person who injured them.  (A permanent injury is one that will remain throughout the injured person’s life).

In the states that do not have a permanent injury requirement, juries do not award large damage amounts unless there has been a severe injury. In some motorcycle accidents, the forces involved are so strong that the injured people suffer injuries and disability that will last their lifetime.  Examples of these injuries are broken bones, severe scarring, injuries that require surgery, amputation injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.  (These injuries are defined elsewhere on this website).

For many years I have represented the families of people who have been seriously injured in motorcycle accidents.  I have negotiated on their behalf, and if negotiation failed, I carefully presented their case to a jury.  If you think that I can help you, please contact me.  I would welcome the opportunity of meeting with you, at a place most convenient to you, to discuss your case.

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