10 Life-Changing Technologies

Science & Technology

Here is a list of future technologies that will drastically impact our life.

Essentially holograms are the use of light to form a 3D projection. We are bound to see advances in this field coming really soon. Take the growing in popularity performances with the use of holograms i.e. Tupac Shakur and Hatsune Miku.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
The core idea is to mimic the versatility of a human brain, it’s learning abilities, emotions. With all the considerable variable it seems impossible but let’s give it some time.

3. Robotics

Robotics was firstly popularized by Isaac Asimov in his work that included the Three Laws Of Robotics. This field of science is becoming extremely popular and is going to be rapidly growing in recent years.

4. Fusion Energy

Fusion Energy
The race to find an alternative power source is crazy. Scientists work tirelessly to create new ways of generating energy with the minimum use of natural resources. It’s all about finding the way to tame Nuclear Energy.

5. Cloning

Ever heard about Eugenics and playing God? Where this is what essentially it is. A possibility to create life from a single DNA. This way we’ll be able to invent new species.

6. Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence
This technology is closer than it seems. Virtual Reality already exists. It’s only a matter of short time before we find a way to submerge into it on a deeper scale.

7. Bionics

Bionics can really help taking the human evolution to a whole new level. This topic is very thoroughly explored in science fiction and Japanese popular culture. However it is soon to become a reality. Even something as simple as contact lenses is already a primitive form of alteration. There’s so much more to come!

8. Memory Streaming

Memory Streaming
Memories on demand? That sounds exciting. Maybe finally we will find an easier way to find your true soulmate?

9.Commercial Space Travel

Commercial Space Travel
This technology is on its way already. Elon Musk set to deliver this to people of Earth as soon as possible!

10. Inter-Species Communication

Inter-Species Communication
Scientists work day and night to making this a reality. Wouldn’t you want you favourite pet to actually talk to you?

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