Add Persistent Number Row At Android’s Gboard Keyboard

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Hi friends ! Welcome to WikiRote. Here we have many things to give you. Here you can learn and enjoy your past times. You can know many tricks about many things. That’s why stay with us to get many thing that can help you a lot. Today we are going to a trick about Android with all of you. The trick name is how to add persistent number row to the android’s gboard keyboard. Stay with us to get it very simply step by step. So, let’s start…

This is the most new feature from latest Gboard keyboard. You can use it very easily without any complex task. If there is a question in your mind that why you use it ? If you want to know why you use it then this is your answer. For example, if you use your phone for work-related email or text messages and your job deal with numbers. Or, you know, if you just want it there. You don’t have to justify it to me—do what you want, man.

Firstly you need to go to your Phone’s Settings. The settings for the Gboard keyboard is also accessed via opening any app with the textual content discipline, after which from there on the keyboard app lengthy urgent the button to the left of the spacebar. From there you’ll want to slide over the cog icon after which choose up the choice ” Gboard Keyboard Settings” from the pop-up window.


Now while you are in the Gboard Settings menu, look forward to the Preferences option and then tap on it. Another screen would appear thereafter and on that screen, you would have to follow the further steps.

When you have got the Preferences option you need to select the option. After you select the option there would be the options Number row , Show emoji switch key etc. Corresponding to these options the little toggle keys would be placed that either enables or disables the function for that option. If it’s already disable then you just need to Enable it.


After you have enabled the Number Row function from the screen you can just return to the home screen or your work as the preferences have been made for the keyboard and hence from then onwards the Gboard keyboard would consist of persistent number row well defined with the usual keyboard!In this article you have got about the method through which the persistent number row could be added to the Android’s Gboard keyboard and hence make it easier to type up the text.

Gboard Keyboard is the keyboard that already installed in every android phone. That’s why you no need to download it. Hope you like the trick. Stay with us to get more.

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