Apple Extends A Hand Of Support For AIDS Day


Apple has been doing this for a long time, but now it is different because this time the whole amount will be donated to a charity. Everybody is trying to fight this deadly AIDS out of the face of earth, but without proper contribution from every nook and corner, this would not have been possible. Even when a proper breakthrough has not been achieved in the case of AIDS, but people all around the world are aware of AIDS and how deadly it can be. Apple has been supporting the cause for a long time. Initially, a percentage of sales used to go to this charity, but this time it is bigger and better as they have launched (GarageBand) RED, which has some of the most exclusive collections of instrument loops and the whole proceedings will be donated to a charity which works for AIDS.

The GarageBand Loop Pack

The Loop Pack contains as many as 300 bass, guitar, and synth along with drum loops. Different genres are incorporated in here, so that the users experience nothing but the best. Moreover, the announcement from the officials that the entire collection will help in the fight against AIDS, things have become even more interesting. Not just AIDS, instead the money will also help in treating Tuberculosis as well as Malaria along with AIDS. They have the Global Fund from the RED foundation, which looks into the matter. In order to make the occasion even more special, the color of the GarageBand has also been changed to RED from the very own sunset gradient. So, Apple has provided the users who are a true music fans to acquire this exclusive collection and also contribute towards this noble cause.

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Limited time offer

This RED GarageBand will be available for only a limited period of time that is December 7. It has been always witnessed that Apple donates only a portion of the income from sales towards these kinds of funds. You have seen that happen during the iPod’s sale from the RED flagship. The official twitter handle of Apple, announced the total contribution from the sale of RED iPods as well as the accessories back in 2006. They contributed around $70 million from their special sale. So, you can pretty well guess if a percentage of sales accounted to $70 million, then how much contribution will take place this time when it has announced that full earning will go towards this foundation.

Some other RED initiations

There have been many instances when Apple has contributed generously to a cause. Earlier RED auction saw items like Ear Pods, which was solid rose gold along with a Mac Pro and the combined sale amount was that of $1.4 million. This time the GarageBand for the iOS devices download is available at 628MB and if you go to the App Store, then you will find the app selling at $4.99, but in case you are looking for (GarageBand) RED, then you will just have to dish out $0.99.

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