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Most of people have a own computer but they do not know about the necessary things they should do on their computer which can save their time also. This post contains lots of stuff like PC notepad tricks through which you can easily erase temporary folders, stop someone’s web get to, remove shortcut viruses and many more cool hacking tricks. So, let’s start…

Make Your PDF File to Speak

Step 1: Type –”ctrl+shift+b” to hear the whole topic.

Step 2: Type –”ctrl+shift+v” to hear the page.

Note: These shortcuts for hearing pdf files will work in adobe reader 6.0 or higher.

How to Auto Delete Temporary Folder

Step 1: Firstly, you need to search for gpedit.msc and open this.

Step 2: Now you have to select “Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Terminal Services => Temporary Folder“.

Step 3: After that you have to click on “Do Not Delete Temp Folder Upon Exit”.

Step 4: After this Go to the properties and hit disable.

Step 5: Now next time Windows puts a temp file in that folder and it will automatically delete it.

Method 2c

Step 1: Firstly, Go to Start and open run after this you will have to type %temp%.

Step 2: This will open your temp folder and then you can easily erase it.

Remove Shortcut Virus

If your Pen Drive is transited with any of the following viruses:

  • inf
  • new folder.exe
  • exe
  • exe

Actually, this virus is hidden and can’t be seen even after you enable show hidden folders.
Following simple dos command will change the attributes of these files, thereafter you can remove it by pressing the delete key.

You can easily remove these viruses by following the below tricks.

Step 1: First of all, you have to open Run.

Step 2: After that you have to Type cmd in Run.

Step 3: Then Switch to the drive on which pen drive is connected (like C:\> h: enter).

Step 4: Type attrib -s -h *. * /s /d and hit enter .

Note: Don’t forget spaces.

Step 5: Now you can see hidden virus files and you can delete them.

How to Stop Someone’s Internet Access

Step 1: Firstly Open notepad then type:

@Echo off
ipconfig /release

Save that as Fun.bat and send it to someone. Their IP address will be lost, and therefore they won’t be able to fix it.

However, this is very easy to fix. Simply type in Ipconfig /renew

These tricks will help you to keep your computer fresh. You can do a little bit fun with the last trick. But don’t do it as a revenge. Comment your valuable opinion in the comment section.

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