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Nancy Pelosi is the 1st lady in US history to lead a political party in Congress. Nancy Pelosi has served the US House of Representatives since 87 when voters in San Francisco selected her to represent them in Washington.

In the year 2002, her fellow Democratic Party lawmakers voted to make her home minority leader. She’s is the 1st lady ever to hold such a post.

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

Republicans sometimes call her a Latte Liberal for her politically progressive views on the surrounding, lady’s reproductive rights, some labor unions, and several other issues. She has been outspoken in her criticism of President George W Bush (1945 –).

Nancy Pelosi Interesting facts

Here I am going to share with you some interesting facts from Nancy Pelosi biography!

1. One of 6 kids (and the only daughter) Nancy Pelosi was born on Mar, 26th, 1940, and grew up in Baltimore’s Little Italy.

2. Nancy Pelosi’s father Tommy D’Alessandro, was a Democratic congressman and mayor of Baltimore. And her brother Thomas would also go on to become a Baltimore Mayor.

3. Seemingly, Nancy Pelosi was Democratic from birth – as a young Nancy Pelosi, she was offered an elephant toy by a Republican poll employee but recoiled, refusing the toy.

4. Speaker Nancy Pelosi married her college lover, Nancy Pelosi husband Paul Pelosi, in 63 you can find several Nancy Pelosi wedding pictures on the internet. A year after they tied the knot, they had their 1st child. By the end of the 70s five, Nancy Pelosi children had 4 daughters and one son, Christine, Nancy Corinne, Alexandra, Paul, and Jacqueline, according to the Washington Post.

5. In 76, she workedfor the presidential campaign of CL Gov. Jerry Brown and by 81, Nancy Pelosi was the Democratic Party chair for the California State, working overdue the scenes to recruit candidates and raise funds in the left-leaning state.

6. Though, active in politics her complete life – including stints as one of the leading Democratic fundraiser as well as chairwoman of the party in CL – Nancy Pelosi did not run the office until Nancy Pelosi age was 47, preferring to wait until the youngest of her 5 kids was a college senior before running for Congress in 87.

7. Ken Mehlman (Republican National Committee Chairman) said that she Pelosi was neither an old or new Democrat but a primitive democrat. Several other republicans call Pelosi latte Democrat for her massive political progress views on the environment, labor unions, women’s reproductive rights,and several other issues.

8. Nancy Pelosi has been a formidable force with the Party of Democratic, raising more funds than any other congressional Democrat – around 100 million USD since taking the reins of party leadership. And she has managed to keep the home Dems toeing the party track: According to the Congressional Quarterly, Home Democrats voted with the most of their party more than 88% of the time in 2005, the biggest total since CQ started keeping track in 56.

9. Nancy Pelosi learns the way of politics from her dad, a practitioner of cold school politics. To practice her penmanship, daughter of Nancy Pelosi, was in charge of the book in which her new deal daddy kept tracks of favors owed and done.

10. A real San Francisco Nancy Pelosi makes sure that her office is stocked with Ghibelline sweets. Her diet usually consistsof mostly chocolate ice cream and chocolate. Completing the notoriously challenging NY Times crossword puzzle is one of her most favorite hobbies.

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11. Since Nancy Pelosi has been selected prestigious spot of the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi’s net worth has been reported of having 29 million USD. That might look quite a lot for any GOVT official that gets paid around 223,500 USD each year, though, it is not just her political spots that have earned her such a passive income.

12. Nancy Pelosi husband, Paul Pelosi has spent many years investing in a real estate. They own many different properties together that they rent out of other firms of massive price each year.Heavy reports that he presently owns and operates a real estate and venture capital investment firm in San Francisco and a Financial Leasing Services. How old is Nancy Pelosi’s husband? He is now 80 years old.

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