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Age: 25 Years

Marital Status: Unmarried

Hometown: Haryana

Pradeep Dhaka

Pradeep Dhaka

Some Lesser Known Facts About Pradeep Dhaka

  • Apart from being a singer, Pradeep is also a famous young Entrepreneur, Video Creator, Digital Content Creator, Social Media Influencer, Fashion Blogger, YouTuber, Vlogger, and a well-known Social Media Personality.
  • He runs the pradeepdhakka Instagram page, where he posts humorous reels, fashionable outfits, grooming accessories, the latest style trends, product reviews, and more.
  • He posts various reels of money lying around him and in clubs with his friends.
Pradeep Dhaka in a club

Pradeep Dhaka in a club

  • Pradeep Dhaka has collaborated with multiple reputed and renowned brands.
  • Pradeep Dhaka gained a lot of fame by posting photos with inspirational captions on his Instagram account.
  • He loves to wear sunglasses and gold jewellery like necklaces with his name and rings.
Pradeep Dhaka wearing gold jewellery

Pradeep Dhaka wearing gold jewellery

  • Pradeep Dhaka is also very health conscious so he prefers to eat only healthy foods and fresh juices.
  • Pradeep Dhaka works out and enjoys doing cardio (like treadmill sprints) which he claims helps him to relax and refresh. He also loves to do Biceps and leg exercises.
  • He also likes to ride his bike.
  • Pradeep Dhaka has a habit of having 3-4 glasses of warm water in the morning, after which he eats boiled eggs and fruits.
  • He likes to smoke hookah with his friends.
Pradeep Dhaka smoking hookah

Pradeep Dhaka smoking hookah

  • Pradeep Dhaka has a massive fan base of over 80 thousand followers on Instagram.
  • He owns a business of Peanut Butter and has a page for it on Instagram called dhakapeanutbutter.
Pradeep Dhaka's peanut butter

Pradeep Dhaka’s peanut butter

  • He is an animal lover and likes to feed them food personally.
Pradeep Dhaka feeding a bird

Pradeep Dhaka feeding a bird

  • Pradeep Dhaka shared a video on his social media handle in which he along with another person, a YouTuber, were seen making a reel on the Paschim Vihar flyover.
Pradeep Dhaka doing stunts in his car

Pradeep Dhaka doing stunts in his car

  • As per reports, the Instagram influencer parked his ‘gold-plated’ pick-up truck in the middle of a flyover in Delhi putting a halt to entire traffic.
Pradeep Dhaka's another car

Pradeep Dhaka’s other car

  • The YouTuber and Pradeep Dhaka were arrested for doing stunts with his SUV on a busy flyover and setting a police barricade on fire.
Pradeep Dhaka with the police

Pradeep Dhaka with the police

  • The influencer, Pradeep Dhaka, was reportedly doing these stunts to record reels for his social media accounts.
Pradeep Dhaka at the Paschim Vihar Flyover

Pradeep Dhaka at the Paschim Vihar Flyover

  • Dhaka has been charged with causing damage to public property and impeding the performance of official responsibilities, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer) Jimmy Chiram. He was also fined with Rupees thirty-six thousand.
  • Pradeep deleted his video after it went viral.
  • Delhi Police in a statement was quoted by a newswire saying, “One person has been arrested after a video went viral on social media in which some youth were burning a barricade of Delhi Police to make a reel. An FIR was registered in Nihal Vihar police station on Friday and the accused seen in the video has been arrested. Attempts to arrest the other accused are underway.”.
  • Pradeep has been interested in the music and business industry since childhood, as he manages his own clothes business.
  • Pradeep Dhaka also said that he likes artists who always change their songs. Pradeep loves to sing all types of songs, so he keeps learning something from all the artists.
  • Pradeep Dhaka has released many songs like One Life Baby, Manzuri, Pablo Escobar, Nishani, Besharam Yaar, Oye Hoye, Satyanashi, Aakashwani, and Quid in collaboration with various famous singers.
Pradeep Dhaka's song Manzuri

Pradeep Dhaka’s song Manzuri

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