Top 10 Movies Based On Real Life Women Characters


These days a new trend has been noticed in Bollywood industry, a trend of making a movies based on real stories and the actors are no longer doing fantasy roles. Their challenges are double folded and now they have to portray a real character which is quite a tough job. But our hard working actresses are not stepping behind rather they are accepting such roles very comfortably and some have proved by doing a fabulous job like Katrina Kaif in Rajneeti in which she portrayed a role of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Like this there are 10 movies which are based on real life women characters played by the queens of Bollywood.

Top 10 Movies Based On Real Life Women Characters

10. Movie Name: Untitled
Actor: Mahie Gill
Real Woman: Maria Susairaj
Ram Gopal Verma is making a new film on the sensational Neeraj grover case and had signed an actress none other than the talented Dev D actress Mahie Gill. Mahie will be playing a role of the accused Maria Susairaj. The movie tell the story of struggling actress Maria who along her naval officer lover had murdered Neeraj and chopped his body into pieces and tried to dispose it off by burning.

9. Movie Name: Mother: The Indira Gandhi
Actor: Madhuri Dixit
Real Woman: Indira Gandhi
The Indira Gandhi
Director krishna shah is planning to make a biographical movie based on Indira gandhi and according to him the perfect choice for the role of Indira gandhi is none other than Dhak dhak girl Madhuri Dixit. As the canvas of the life of indira gandhi is too big to be contained in film, krishna has decided to make his film in two parts.

8. Movie Name: Rajneeti
Actor: Katrina Kaif
Real Woman: Sonia Gandhi
Parkash Jha’s thriller movie Rajneeti has won many hearts and had awarded a fortnight succes to the barbir girl katrina kaif who had played a role of Congress President Sonia gandhi in a movie.

7. Movie Name: Ragini MMS
Actor: Kainaz Motivala
Real Woman: Deepika
Ragini MMS
Ragini MMS, an horror film and a product of Pawan kriplani might have been ripped off from the hollywood movie Paranormal activity, but the MMS scandal that happened was real and Deepika was the girl who had faced it.

6. Movie Name:No One Killed Jessica
Actor: Vidhya Balan/ Rani Mukherji
Real Woman: Sabrina Lal and Barkha Dutt respectively
No One Killed Jessica
Jessica lal’s murder case was turned into an inspiration for director Raj Kumar Dutta and he managed to make a Movie super hit movie NO ONE KILLED JESSICA. While Vidhya played a role of Sabrina Lal (sister of Jessica), rani’s character was inspired by NDTV’s Barkha Dutt.

5. Movie Name: Heroine
Actor: Aishwariya Rai
Real Woman: Marilyn Monroe
Realitic Director madhur Bhandarker is ready with his new project base on the life of Marilyn Monroe, who is the epitome of Hollywood glamour. While her first choice for the role was Kareena Kapoor but he settled for Aishwariya rai bachan for the movie titled Heroine.

4. Movie Name:Monica
Actor: Divya Dutta
Real Woman: Shivani Bhattnagar
Recently released Sushen Bhatnagar’s movie Monica, was base on the life of Shivani Bhatnagar, a journalist who was found murdered in her Delhi flat in 1999. Although the movie didn’t do well, Divya was critically applauded for her role.

3. Movie Name:Buddha in a Traffic Jam
Actor: Mahie Gill
Real Woman: Arundhati Roy
Buddha in a Traffic Jam
Vivek Agnihotri’s movie Buddha in a Traffic Jam is based on the write cum social activist Arunaditi roy whose character is played by Mahie Gill.

2. Movie Name:Untitled
Actor: Sushmita Sen
Real Woman: Banazir Bhutto and Rani Lakshmi Bai
Sushmita Sen
Sush is going to made two fims under her home production and both the projects are biographical while one is the biopic on former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the other is for Rani Lakshmi. But if rumours are to be believed both the movies are still on hold for some reasons.

1. Movie Name:The Dirty
Actor: Vidhya Balan
Real Woman: Silk Smitha
The Dirty
After Ragini MMS, Ekta Kapoor is ready to make another dirty picture named THE DIRTY. Well the movie is based on South Indian actress Silk Smitha who is always been remeberd for her soft porn films in the 80s’s and early 90’s. The role is to be played by Vidhya Balan who is always in a news for her bold choices and different projects.

So, at last we wish all the best to all the stars who had dared enough to portray the charcters of some famous personalities and we all wish their work will be applauded by the audience.

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