Top 40+ Romantic Good Night Messages & Quotes For Wife


Are you searching best good night messages & quotes for your wife? Well, we are help you by finding a best romantic text massage for your life partner. When she is going to bed for sleeping at that moment you can send a best romantic good night message to your wife.

Every spouse want to like extra love from her husband. Simply a message could be increase love. Wen we are going to outside form home then we are try to send good night message for wife. So, below get these messages & quotes to your wife.

“Close your eyes, clear your mind, and listen closely as the stars climb the night sky to hang above your restful sleep. Good Night my dear!”

“I wish moon always be full & bright and always be cool & right. Whenever you go to switch off the light, Remember that I’m wishing you, Good Night!”

“Good night doesn’t mean
To say good bye
Its means a break
For a night
Good night”

“I know I am far
But I don’t want to be
Its an official tour
I know you are there
And waiting for my message
I am sending you message
To say you good night”

“I hope you are nestled and snug, receiving my long-distance hug, and ready to sleep well, my sweet ladybug! Good night my Princess!”

“Good Night, sleep tight. I will be dreaming of you with all my might.”

“Before you go to bed
I just want you to know that somewhere out there
Someone is thinking about you.
Someone who loves and misses you.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

Good Night Messages

“Cute wife, sending love and good night wishes for you. Your presence in my life has made me glow like the shining moon and filled my heart with joy.”

“Good night, Nice dreams, Love and peace be upon you!”

“Every night I pray
That in your heart
I will stay
May the God bless you
And may your dreams come true
I love you, GoodNight!”

“I don’t dream about you, because I can never fall asleep thinking about you.”

“Not sure I have a new good night message
but have got a thank you message,
to God almighty for been there for us ,
and to my princess for been there for me all this time
love you dear,”

“Dear wife, your love has made my life ever so beautiful and I send lovely gifts and good night wishes for you. I send these funny wishes with all my love for you.”

“Every night is special for me
Because you are near to me
After a long day hectic one
Good night”

“A day is going to end again. It is nice to have someone like U making everyday seems so great. Thank U my love and may all the angels guard you this night!”

“May you have the sweetest dream tonight
May you sleep oh so tight
As here’s wishing you a sweet and good night!”

“No matter how far you are… you are always in my thoughts! Good night.”

“My message is here to say you
I love you
But my heart don’t want to sleep
But due to time saying you”

“I think of you as soon as I wake up and then again before I fall asleep. You see, you’re never out of my thoughts. Have a Good Night!”

“Everyday I spend with you is the new best day of my life. Can’t wait for the morning. Good night baby.”

“Did I make you smile
was the visit worth the while,
because for you I will go the extra mile,
and as you go to sleep I hope I got you to smile,
smile for me my princess and have a lovely night rest.”

“Dearest wife, sending you good night wishes through this text. I hope your love will continue to shine my life with happiness like the shining moon.”

“Every day I love you more than yesterday. Sweet dreams.”

“Goodnight my love, pleasant dreams, sleep tight my love, may tomorrow be sunny and bright and bring you closer to me.”

“With love in our eyes
and God on our side
we fly like butter flies.
With our testimony on the rise
I look to your eyes and my desire rise
I love you till the sun won’t rise.
Love you plenty
sweet night to you”

“Love is the simpler feelings, I dream every night abut you I want to capture your heart… I love you.”

“Good night my love
Sleep tight and well
Had sweet dreams as well”

“Dear wife, I send my heartfelt good night wishes for you. I hope you have a peaceful sleep with dreams of our lovely moments spent together.”

“Whenever I think of you I can’t help but smile
your passion for the things of God
our common vision and the love we share
I love you my dear
have a sweet night rest&sweet dreams.”

“Sun is upset and moon is happy, cozy sun is missing u, and the moon is gonna be with u for the rest of the night, have a wonderful night.”

“The day is over, and it’s time to look forward for another day.
Forget all the frustrations you had and cherish all the wonderful moments.
Don’t forget to look up and pray to God.
Tomorrow will be a brand new and better day.
Goodnight, sweetheart!”

“Good night! I shall miss you til morning.”

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