10 Things We Don’t Know About Kissing


Kissing is a wonderful way to express sentiments of love, passion, affection. There is no better way to show a love to your partner than to kiss. The way couples kiss each other means a lot to the kind of relationship they have together.
There are many different ways to kiss depending on who you are kissing. But there are 10 things about kissing that will make your mouth wide open in amazement. By reading this article you will came to know about the surprising facts about kissing you probably have never thought about.

10 Things We Don’t Know About Kissing

1. 97% of women closes their eyes while kissing whereas 37% of men keep their eyes open.

2. A one minute kiss can burn as many as twenty six calories.

3. According to study and researches made, almost every muscle in the body can be used when two people kiss.

4. When two people with same hair color kiss each other the result is more passionate.

5. You will be shocked to know that Our brains have special neurons which help us to locate another pair of lips in the dark.

6. The Ancient Egyptians kissed with their noses. Lips didn’t come into it.

7. The longest kiss lasted for 17 days, 10½ hours in Chicago, 1984.

8. It is still technically illegal in Indiana for a mustached man to “habitually kiss human beings.”

9. In medieval Italy, if a couple were seen kissing, they could be forced to marry.

10. Kissing helps in glowing your skin and makes your eyes shine.

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