20 Past And Present Pics That Will Make You Miss The Good Old Days.


It’s incredible how photos from the past can stir up long forgotten memories. It’s actually a lot of fun to look back and see how certain things used to be. But it’s even more fun when you compare them to photos of how things were with the way things are now. So here are a couple of images from the past that we trawled through to reminisce. In some cases, it’s brought the owners of these photos a sense of nostalgia, in others, it’s reminded them of a terrible time and how time can help to rebuild. In some cases, it even serves as a testament to a love that can never die. So, get ready to take a trip through this rich collection of past and present.

1# This family attempted to recreate their 1970s photo during a family reunion.

It looks like a lot of fun, and you can clearly see that the young ones have gotten a little older and so have the grown-ups, but there’s one thing that seems ageless and that’s their bond for each other.

2# A side by side comparison of certain family members shows an eerie similarity.

Who says you need to be twins to look identical. This photo shows this guy’s girlfriend, girlfriend’s sister, and their cousins 20 years apart, and they’re practically spitting images of each other.

3# It’s been 241 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Naturally, you can’t expect anyone from that era to still be around to talk about all those yesteryears, but their descendants are alive and kicking and have gathered together in the very room where history was made. Mind blown!

4# Love can overcome all kinds of things, including tragedy and war.

Just ask Auschwitz survivor, Edith Steiner, and her Scottish soldier sweetheart, John Mackay, pictured here in 194, and again in 2017 after celebrating 71 years of marriage.

5# Your dad’s old office can be a treasure trove full of memories of ages past.

Like this photo from 1973, which one person found of his dad and mom sharing a romantic smooch back when they were young. It just comes to show you that love grows stronger with time.

6# Since the 1970s looked like so much fun, the family decided to go ahead and recreate another era.

This time they recreated photos from the 1980s at their family reunion and the results were simply amazing. They say that a family that stays together, ages together… quite well!

7# Who we are on the outside changes constantly, and we can’t stop that.

But what we feel on the inside is a totally different topic. Take love, for example, particularly, the love these two have. Not only have they aged with grace, but their love seems to be stronger than ever.

8# This photo shows what someone’s Mom looked like in 1940.

The photo was taken in Marchwood Park, England decades ago, but as you can see from the arrow pointing to the woman, she’s certainly come a long way since then.

9# Travelers from around the world came to visit the Durbar Square in Nepal.

The photo above shows a temple that is both pristine and seemingly untouched by time, but after a quake hit Nepal in 2015, Durbar Square looked like it had been hit by a nuclear blast.

10# In this day and age, it’s tough to find couples sticking together for 5 years let alone 13.

But this couple managed to do it, and they recreated this picture of the guy kissing his girlfriend on the cheek, which might make you wonder if superglue was involved, or if they were just crazy in love.

11# It’s like the Neverending Story with this brother and sister.

It seems to have taken them 20 years to finally get to the end of that story. We sure hope it was worth it. But seriously, this just shows how awesome the bond between siblings can be.

12# You ever heard of “The Brady Bunch”? Well get ready to meet the Awkward Bunch.

These two photos, one from 1987, and the other from 2017, prove that family members can grow older, but the awkwardness will never go away, especially when everyone’s having such a good time!

13# What better way to celebrate a wedding day than to honor those that came before?

This person recreated their grandparents’ wedding photo from 1954 several decades later to show that love never dies. It just evolves into a whole new generation.

14# Today, this McDonald’s doesn’t look anything like they did in the 60s.

Just look at this McD’s from Richmond, Canada, just outside of the U.S. It was taken in 1967, and even the arches seem unrecognizable. But today, not only has the restaurant undergone a major makeover, but there’s plenty more people enjoying those delicious Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets.

15# Not all sisters grow up and form a bond, but don’t tell these two that.

These two photos were taken 15 years apart, and it looks like their prayers have been answered, since they seem to be closer than ever the way two sisters should.

16# This man’s undergone a lot of change over the last 20 years.

He’s grown a little leaner, a little wiser, and a little grayer in some areas. Oh, and his companion, aka, man’s best friend has changed too. No, it’s not the same dog, duh!

17# In 1906, San Francisco was hit with a major earthquake.

At the time, earthquakes were considered rare in California. But the destruction of the streets in San Francisco were devastating. Now jump to 2017, and you probably wouldn’t even know anything ever happened. What can we say, humanity is full of survivors!

18# This is Hong Kong today, looking equally busy with boats going in and out.

Of course, the obvious exception is that the buildings are taller, more modern, but the city certainly hasn’t lost its touch for being so impressive.

19# Hong Kong was quite a busy port in the East decades ago.

It was definitely a major metropolis that was bound to grow in less than no time. Even then, it was the epitome of a modern city, and it wasn’t unusual to see the waters full of boats making their way towards the docks.

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