24 Awesome Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween


Everyone knows that Halloween is a time of dressing up. It’s the one day out of the whole year where it is socially acceptable to transform yourself into anyone or anything you want to be. Although many people look at it as an opportunity to physically dress up, makeup enthusiasts see the holiday as an opportunity to get creative with their face.

If you’re looking to focus more on your Halloween makeup this year than your actual outfit, look no further! The looks we have below are so good, you can probably pair them with an outfit that’s already in your closet.

#1. Barbie Doll

Transform yourself into a plastic doll with this look. It’s fairly easy, it just requires a cut crease and some pink makeup. Pair the makeup with a blonde wig to complete the look!
Barbie Doll

#2. Skeleton

A look that doesn’t require an entire body paint job. Turn your face into a skeleton by using a mixture of dark eyeshadows and white face paint.

#3. Pop Art Woman

Turn yourself into a comic book character with this look! All you’re essentially doing is adding red dots all over your face and outlining your features with a black trim.
Pop Art Woman


#4. Oh Deer

This one’s a look for those who love to contour. You’ll be contouring with deep browns for this deer-inspired look and adding a few white spots to your forehead and cheekbones.
Oh Deer

#5. Mermaid

Use makeup to add fish scales to your face to complete a mermaid look. Anyone can put on a mermaid costume, but not everyone will have this fabulous makeup to match it.

#6. Lioness of the Jungle

Everyone knows how to do a basic lion face, but elevate it to the next level with this beautiful look. Leave the three whiskers on each cheek look to the kids.
Lioness of the Jungle

#7. Mystique

Are you a fan of X-Men? Show how much of a fan you are this Halloween with this look! Just so long as you don’t mind getting some blue body paint on.

#8. Vampire

One of the more classic Halloween dress up choices. Up your vampire costume this year with a more exaggerated makeup look.

#9. Black & White Dame

Anyone can dress up as an old Hollywood starlet. Take it to the next level by transforming yourself into an actual grayscale black & white character as if you’ve just jumped out of an old movie screen!
Black & White Dame

#10. Trippy Double Vision

No, the photo below is not photoshopped. Everything you see on her face is actual makeup! Freak out your friends and family with this look if you’ve got the patience to recreate it!
Trippy Double Vision

#11. Ventriloquist Doll

Want to look creepy but still kind of cute this Halloween? Try this ventriloquist doll look! All you need is a eyeshadow, lipstick and a few shades of eyeliner.
Ventriloquist Doll

#12. Rainbow Vomit

Ah yes, the iconic Snapchat filter — probably one of the most well known ones, next to the doggy filter of course. If you’ve always wanted to bring this filter to life, recreate the look this Halloween!
Rainbow Vomit

#13. Harley Quinn

After “Suicide Squad” came out last year, Harley Quinn was one of the most popular costumes last Halloween. Bring it back this year with candy colored pigtails, eyeshadow and red lipstick.
Harley Quinn

#14. Headless Woman

Once again, no photoshop, the below photo’s effects are all thanks to makeup! Turn your head into a headless one by strategically painting black paint onto your neck!
Headless Woman

#15. Wednesday Addams

Your favorite girl from the Addams family. Transform yourself into her with some black lipstick, white face makeup and black eyeliner.

Wednesday Addams

#16. Davie Bowie

Sing your heart out to “Ziggy Stardust” at this year’s Halloween karaoke with this look. All you need to create that super sharp thunder bolt is some makeup and Scotch tape! The trick is to outline the shape with the tape.
Davie Bowie

#17. Pixelated

Create pixels on your face with a flat edge brush. Wipe down with it to create the perfect box shaped pixels and voila, you’re an 8-bit character!

#18. Cracked Porcelain Doll

This one’s one of the easier ones. Apply some classic doll makeup and then place some black “cracks” around your face using black eyeliner.
Cracked Porcelain Doll

#19. American Horror Story: Asylum

Are you a fan of “American Horror Story”? Then you’ll love this look! All you need to recreate it is black eyeliner, white face paint and liquid latex.
American Horror Story- Asylum

#20. Scarecrow

Draw on faux freckles, an orange nose and some messy stitch marks to recreate this scarecrow look! Pair it with any of your flannel shirts and you’re good to go.

#21. Lace Face

For a more simple Halloween look, try this lace one out! All you need to do is place a piece of spare lace onto your face and then apply eyeshadow through it. You’ll instantly have an ethereal look that you can use for a fairy costume or as a stand-alone.

Lace Face

#22. Poison Ivy

Want to be a super villain this Halloween? Slay with this gorgeous Poison Ivy look. Make sure to have a friend or date dressed up as Batman next to you!
Poison Ivy

#23. Woodland Fairy

A subtle makeup look that’s topped off with some fabulous butterfly brows! The look will be best paired with a warm red wig but it can ultimately go with any hair color!
Woodland Fairy

#24. Betty Boop

Another relatively easy look to recreate. Transform yourself into Betty with some dark eyebrows, deep red glossy lips and heavy black liner.
Betty Boop

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