3 Fun Pom Poms Projects


No cheerleading outfit is complete without the classic cheerleader pom poms. Pom poms help cheerleaders grab crowds’ attention, make cheer routines look more synchronized and uniform, and add some pizzazz to cheerleading apparel. They also make a pleasant sound that really adds a lot to cheers. Cheerleaders have come up with many creative ways to use pom poms in their routines over the years.

These fun projects offer a different way to use cheerleading pom poms apart from cheering, because spreading school spirit and cheer doesn’t stop at the end of a football game.

1. Make your own pom poms

You can make your own miniature pom poms using yarn, ribbon, or even plastic grocery bags. Start by wrapping a single strand of yard or ribbon around the palm of your hand ten to twenty times. Slide the bunch of yarn or ribbon off your hand, keeping the loops uniform. Secure the loops together in the middle with a rubber band or a separate piece of yarn.

Finish the pom pom by cutting the loops on each end so the individual strands flair out from the center (the rubber band). You can now attach your finished pom pom to a long strand of yarn or a handle by securing the item to the rubber band using a needle and thread.

2. Wear your poms

Whether you’re making your own miniature poms or working with a full-sized set, you can wear your poms to school and school-related events to help support your student body.

Miniature poms are easy to attach to nearly anything. Try wearing them in your hair, around your wrist, or on your cheerleading shoes. You can make your date a pompom boutonniere for the dance or give one to a friend as a gift. You can use a safety pin to attach pom poms to items such as backpacks, purses, or jeans.

Wearing full sized pom poms takes some extra creativity, but it can be done. The handles can be attached to hair bands and worn like a colorful ponytail. They can also be displayed by securing the handle inside the pocket of a backpack. They can be worn with street clothing like a horse’s tail by attaching the handle to your back belt loop.

3. Sell pom poms for fundraising

Whether your squad is making their own pom poms in mass quantities or you plan to purchase cases of poms at a bulk rate, pom poms are a great fundraising item because they help do the thing that cheerleaders do best: raise school spirit. Selling pom poms during games and other school sponsored events gives crowds something extra to help support the team and cheer along with your squad.

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