Keep Your Electrical Wires Organized With Cable Ties

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The dangers of having a pile of messy, cluttered cables are potentially immense, and the short circuits they can cause might result in irreparable damages in valuable electronic gadgets. If you are not careful enough, bodily harm can also be an offshoot of disorganized wires. Make sure that all the power cords and electrical cables in your house are properly segmented and bundled with cable ties. This is how you can go about the task:

Get rid of unnecessary wires – Not all the wires in your home can be necessary. Take out time to find out which of the wires are not used, and get rid of them. Unnecessary baggage is never welcome, and that applies for electrical cables as well!

Choose cable ties – The range and variety of cable ties available in the market is extensive. Hence, you have ample scope to select the ones that would help you assemble and organize the electrical wires at your house in the best possible manner. Always go for zip ties that rank high on the durability count.

Secure the wires with cable ties – Organize the electrical cables with cable ties. Divide the wires according to their applications, and secure them with the cable ties. Make sure that the buckle and the casing of the ties are in their proper positions. When properly secured, a pull at the cable tie loop will make it even tighter.

Do not use on too heavy items – Zip ties are meant for usage on electrical wires and cables only, and not on large, heavy equipments. Do not try to wrap big electrical gadgets with a cable tie. You’ll only be flirting with danger!

Make provisions for wire identification – It’s all very well to organize the wires with cable ties – but do you have to memorize the purpose of each wire group? No, you don’t! Use wire markers with these ties, to make permanent notes about the nature and type of each cable. That way, you will never have to face confusions about the way in which the electrical wires need to be handled.

Check the heat resistance levels – Cable ties are supposed to be used on wires in electrical circuits, which would generally be subjected to high temperature conditions. Unless the ties have the requisite heat-resistance features, they would fail to provide the necessary protection to the cables and cords. Make it a point to choose such wire ties that would work well under such elevated temperatures.

Keep an eye out for frays and/or other damages in the wires – The usage of cable ties make the tasks of problem-detection and repair (if necessary) of the wires a whole lot easier. Check the bundled wires from time to time, to find out if they have become frayed or worn out. If yes, get in touch with an expert electrician immediately.

Apart from assembling and maintaining electrical wires, cable ties can also be put to a number of other, more creative uses. Buy the suitable type of zip ties, and use them on the cables at your home. Safe handling of electrical equipments, after all, is of essence!

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