How To Make Yummy Mars Bars Cars


What you need

  • 12 tiny teddy biscuits.?
  • 50g of dark chocolate melted.♨️
  • 60 M&Ms.?
  • 12 fun-size Mars bars?
  • Snap lock bag?.
  • Scissors.
Yummy Mars Bars Cars
Yummy Mars Bars Cars


Step 1. you need to get your 12 fun-sized mars bars, snap lock bag and your scissors and melted chocolate.

Step 2. then you get your melted chocolate and snap lock bag and plop your melted chocolate in to the snap lock bag and snip a bit of the corner off so that it can squirt out on to the top of your Mars bars and on each of the bit next to the corner so then altogether you should have 5 (five) plops.

Step 3. next you get your M&Ms and put them on each of the bits next to the corners but not on the top plop.

Step 4. once you have your M&Ms on, then you put your tiny teddy’s on the plop on the top. There you have it 12 lovely yummy delicious mini cars. P.S enjoy eating them. P.P.S
you can make more if needed. P.P.P.S they are great at parties for kids and teenagers even.

P.P.P.P.S they are brilliant little treats for snacks and if you would like you can add on
a steering wheel by getting more melted chocolate making another bag and doing 2
plops on each side and getting half a lifesaver or another M&M. Then you can kick
back and have a mini car with a cup of coffee.

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