How To Make Banana Lolly Slice


This no-bake sweet slice is packed full of lollies, marshmallows and biscuits. Keep in the fridge and slice as and when you need it or serve on a platter for a pretty party treat.

Banana Lolly Slice
Banana Lolly Slice


  • one tin of condensed milk
  • One packet of banana lollies
  • 60g of butter
  • One packet
  • One packet arrowroot biscuits


1. Crush biscuits

2. Put crush biscuits into bowl

3. Chop banana lollies

4. Put banana lollies into bowl

5. Melt butter and condensed milk together

6. Melt butter and condensed milk into bowl mix well

7. Press into (28x18cm)slab tin

8. Put into fridge to set

9. Cut into cubes or smell finger lengths

You should have a fantastic banana lolly slice.

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