Top 10: Fit Cities of America


The greatness of city depends upon different factors and if you ask different people you will get a wide range of responses. Some people like the climate of the city while some are fond of food, entertainment and the sports scenes.

But if you ask a fitness freak who always wants to sit around active people, and not the lazy Coach potatoes,he will always be looking for the fittest cities in the world. So if you are one of the many fitness freaks then this post is all about you. In this post we have listed down the 10 fittest cities of America.

Scroll down to look at the AFI scores of ten different cities and the percentage of active and obese people.

Top 10: Fit Cities of America

Minneapolis1. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

AFI score: 77.2

Percent obese: 23.8%
Percent active: 54.5%


Washington2. Washington, D.C.

AFI score: 76.8
Percent obese: 21.4%
Percent active: 48.4%


Boston, Massachusetts3. Boston, Massachusetts

AFI score: 69.1

Percent obese: 21.1%
Percent active: 47.5%


Portland, Oregon4. Portland, Oregon

AFI score: 67.7

Percent obese: 24.0%
Percent active: 54.7%


Denver, Colorado5. Denver, Colorado

AFI score: 67.6

Percent obese: 18.8%
Percent active: 55.8%


San Francisco, California6. San Francisco, California

AFI score: 66.8

Percent obese: 18.1%
Percent active: 48.6%


Hartford, Connecticut7. Hartford, Connecticut

AFI score: 66.8

Percent obese: 21.6%
Percent active: 55.5%


Seattle, Washington8. Seattle, Washington

AFI score: 66.5

Percent obese: 23.9%
Percent active: 50.3%


Virginia Beach, Virginia9. Virginia Beach, Virginia

AFI score: 65.8

Percent obese: 24.1%
Percent active: 52.5%


Sacramento, California10. Sacramento, California

AFI score: 65.3

Percent obese: 25.9%
Percent active: 53.2%


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