Top 10 Most Creative Bras


Bra’s are commonly used as an indispensable supporting tool for women’s breasts. However in modern life its uses have been diversified into many categories like reduce or enlarge the perceived breast size, improving the shape, facilitating nursing etc.

Although the design of bra is simple so that it is comfortable to wear and provide easiness. But still some designers have tried to think out of the box and make some creative designs which are worthily watching and even wearing if some women desire so.

Here’s a list of top 10 strange bras in the world.

Top 10 Most Creative Bras

1. The Cool Chopstick Bra
Enjoy the flavor of your dish by adding some extra stuff.

The Cool Chopstick Bra

2. iPod Bra
Wanna Listen music and doesn’t want to hold iPod in your hands. Here’s a simple solution for you.
Try This!!!

iPod Bra

3. Pig Face
This is really weird. I too believe it. But still if you want to try and shock your boyfriend or husband yoyu can try.

Pig Face

4. Pepper Mint Bra
Now this is impossible to believe. How come Peppermint idea strike in the mind of designer.
Strange na..

Pepper Mint Bra

5. Flashing Lights
Try this in late night clubs and look how many men get flat on you.

Flashing Lights

6. Head light Bra
If previous one was for night clubs this will help you while traveling on the road after returning back to home late at night.

Head light Bra

7. Hand Bra
You can try this if you want someone to hold your stuff.

Hand Bra

8. Fish Tank
Another weird piece of artwork or design what ever you say.

Fish Tank

9. Taps Bra
Hmm….What you want to squeeze out from these taps?
Taps Bra

10. Stainless Steel Bra
Full protection works as a Bullet proof Bra…just kidding.
Stainless Steel Bra

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